State Approving Agency – Staff

The State Approving Agency staff are located at the ODVA Central Office, 2132 NE 36th Street, Oklahoma City, OK 73111.  You can contact them by telephone or by email using the form to the immediate right —>

Dr. Brint Montgomery
State Approving Agency Administrator
Office 142
Phone: 405-522-8076
Bradley Ward
Agency Assistance Coordinator

Office 143
Phone: 405-522-8076

Lisa Acevedo
Approving Officer / Program Manager

Phone: 405-522-8076
Office: 144

Sherri Eaton
Approving Officer
Office 140/open area
Phone: 405-522-8076
Stephen Rudnick
Approving Officer (Career Tech Subject Expert)
Office 139 Phone: 405-522-8074

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SAA Central Office Office 140 Central Office 405-522-8076

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