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Online Exchange Shopping is Almost Here!

From the Exchange News:

With less than a month until the much-anticipated official launch of the Veterans online shopping benefit, more than 225,000 honorably discharged Veterans have been verified to shop through an earned lifelong online military exchange shopping benefit beginning this Veterans Day.

This new program, the first military exchange benefits expansion in nearly 30 years, will allow America’s 18.5 million veterans to shop online at the military exchange websites:,,, and Shopping the military exchanges online provides Veterans an opportunity to reconnect with their military community, allowing these Soldiers, Airmen, Sailors, Marines and Coast Guard “members for life” to save money with tax-free shopping and military exclusive pricing while also supporting critical military Quality-of-Life programs.

This is a great benefit for Veterans, but you must get verified before you can use it.  Veterans can become verified at

More information is available on the Exchange website: Exchange News